Amsoil Power Foam

Carburetor and Induction-System Cleaner for Two- and Four-Stroke Gasoline Engines. Powerful foaming agents remove stubborn deposits, varnish and gum left by ethanol or degraded fuel in carbureted and fuel-injected engines. Restores startability and smooth operation while maximizing horsepower. Especially effective in powersports and small-engine applications that run, then sit for extended periods.

Performance Features • Cleans deposits from ethanol and degraded fuel • Removes gum and varnish • Maximizes horsepower • Restores startability • Helps improve fuel econ

AMSOIL Power Foam® (APF) improves engine performance by removing gum, varnish and carbon deposits that affect power, operation, idle and fuel economy. Power Foam cleans intake valves, intake manifolds and throttle plates to keep the combustion intake system running at peak eficiency, effective in both two and four stroke gasoline engine. Power Foam helps reduce engine ping and keeps carburetors and injector systems operating like new. Power Foam is safe for fuel injectors, catalytic converters and emissions-control devices. It will not damage seals, gaskets, rubber or plastic materials commonly used in gasoline engines.

Applications • UTVs/ATVs • Boats • Motorcycles • Lawn equipment • Tractors • Automobiles